Голоса Book 1

This page organizes activities according to the textbook Голоса Book One (Fifth Edition) by Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, and Galina Shatalina. To search for a topic on the page, use “control-F” or “command-F”. To open or close the expandable sections of the page, click on the plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) at the top right of each section. Note that if materials were created for a different textbook, they may have a slightly different focus or topic. You can  Also note that there may be more than one thing available for a given topic. If what you find does not fit your purposes, use the search page.

Introductory lesson: Алфавит

Коммуникативные задания

Урок 1: Немного о себе

Коммуникативные задания

Greetings and good-byes, formal and informal

Introducing and giving information about yourself

Introducing family and friends

Asking for information about someone else

Reading Russian business cards

Russian social networking

Letters to and from Russian host family

Культура и быт

Saying “hello”

Physical contact

Урок 2: Что у меня есть?

Коммуникативные задания

Naming common objects, clothing, and basic colors

Arrival in Russia, greetings at the airport

Russian homestays

Reading and listening to ads

Культура и быт

Slippers at home: тапочки

Documents in Russia: паспорт и виза

Урок 3: Какие языки вы знаете?

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about languages

Discussing ethnic and national backgrounds

Reading and listening to ads about language-study programs


Verb conjugation: present and past tense

Position of adverbial modifiers

Talking about languages: русский язык vs. по-русски

Talking about nationalities

Prepositional case of singular and plural modifiers and nouns

Conjunctions: и, а, но

Культура и быт

The place of foreign languages in Russia

Responding to compliments

Урок 4: Университет

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about where and what people study

Making a presentation about yourself

Reading and writing academic schedules

Reading diplomas and transcripts

Reading university websites

Listening: university welcome speech


Study verbs: учиться, изучать, заниматься

The 8-letter spelling rule

На каком курсе…?

На + prepositional case for location

Accusative case of modifiers and nouns

Любить + accusative or infinitive

Prepositional case of question words and personal pronouns

Question words and sentence expanders: где, что, как, какой, почему, потому что

Тоже vs. также

Культура и быт

The most popular majors in Russia

Higher education in Russia: universities and institutes

University departments

Standardized exams: Единый государственный экзамен (ЕГЭ)

Russian diplomas and the Russian grade system

Great Russian scholars: Михаил Васильевич Ломоносов, Николай Иванович Лобачевский

Урок 5: Распорядок дня

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about daily activities and schedules

Talking about classes

Asking and telling time on the hour

Making and responding to simple invitations

Talking on the phone

Reading and writing notes and letters

Listening to messages and voicemail

Speaking and writing in paragraphs

Культура и быт

Times of the day – Russian style

Урок 6: Дом, квартира, общежитие

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about homes, rooms, furnishings

Colors: Какого цвета…?

Making and responding to invitations

Reading want ads

Renting an apartment


Культура и быт

Adjectives used to name a room

Что в шкафу? Russian closets

Ты и вы

How many rooms?

Apartment size in square meters

Living conditions in Russia

Soviet history: communal apartments

Russian apartments, dormitories, and dachas

Урок 7: Наша семья

Коммуникативные задания

Naming family members

Talking about people: names, ages, professions, where they were born, and where they grew up

Exchanging letters and e-mails about families

Job ads and resumes


Was born, grew up: родился, вырос

Expressing age: the dative case of pronouns; год, года, лет

Genitive plural of nouns and modifiers: introduction

Specifying quantity

Comparing ages: моложе/старше кого на сколько лет

Accusative case of pronouns

Telling someone’s name: зовут

Accusative case: summary

Культура и быт

Урок 8: В магазине

Коммуникативные задания

Asking for advice about purchases

Making simple purchases

Birthday greetings

Presents and gift giving

Reading and listening to store advertisements

Shopping in Russia

Культура и быт

Viktor Pelevin

Shopping in Russia: магазин, универмаг, рынок

Russian clothing sizes

Урок 9: Что мы будем есть?

Коммуникативные задания

Making plans to cook dinner

Making plans to go to a restaurant

Ordering meals in a restaurant

Reading menus and restaurant reviews

Listening to restaurant advertisements

Культура и быт

Russian food stores: магазины и рынок

Metric system: weight and volume

Restaurants and cafes

Russian meals: Что едят и пьют?

Урок 10: Биография

Коммуникативные задания

Talking more about yourself and your family

Telling where your city is located

Reading and listening to short biographies

Культура и быт

Russian educational system

Which Tolstoy?