Голоса Book 2

This page organizes activities according to the textbook Голоса Book Two (Fifth Edition) by Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, and Galina Shatalina. To search for a topic on the page, use “control-F” or “command-F”. To open or close the expandable sections of the page, click on the plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) at the top right of each section. Note that if materials were created for a different textbook, they may have a slightly different focus or topic. You can  Also note that there may be more than one thing available for a given topic. If what you find does not fit your purposes, use the search page.

Урок 1: Погода и путешествия

Урок 2: Разговор по телефону

Коммуникативные задания

Managing telephone conversations

Leaving and taking telephone messages

Культура и быт

Telephone etiquette

Phone cards

Урок 3: Как попасть?

Коммуникативные задания

Describing your city

Getting around town in Russia

Giving and understanding simple directions

Reading maps and directions

Reading about a city’s transportation system


В городе есть…

Having: overview

Asking for directions: Как попасть…куда? Как добраться до… чего? Где находится… что?

Telling where something is located: справа от чего, слева от чего, напротив чего, (не)далеко от чего, близко от чего, рядом с чем, на юге, на севере, на востоке, на западе, в центре

Giving simple directions

Means of transportation: ездить/ехать на чём

How long does it take?

Going verbs: ходить, идти/пойти; ездить, ехать/поехать

Forming the imperative

Verb aspect and the imperative

Культура и быт

Public transportation in Russian cities

Police: полиция и полицейские

Taxis, official and unofficial

Shuttle buses: маршрутные такси

Урок 4: Гостиница

Коммуникативные задания

Making hotel and travel arrangements

Dealing with common travel problems

Reading ads for hotel and travel services


Ordinal numbers

Expressing dates

Review: Genitive plural of modifiers and nouns

Adjectives following numbers

Accusative plural of animate nouns and their modifiers

Prefixed verbs of motion

Культура и быт

Russian hotels

Hot water in the summer

Arranging travel in Russia

Buying train tickets

Урок 5: Кино и телевидение

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about movies and television

Expressing likes and dislikes

Agreeing and disagreeing

Reading television and movie schedules

Культура и быт

Russian cinematography

Russian television

Movie theaters in Russia

Урок 6: Что почитать?

Коммуникативные задания

Books, authors, genres

Reading literature, reading about writers

Borrowing books

Getting a library card

Poems as Russians read them: Пушкин, Лермонтов, Маяковский


Звать vs. называться


Мне надо vs. я должен/должна

Который constructions

Negative constructions: ни- … не

Constructions with -то and -нибудь

Declension of last names

Культура и быт

Detective novels

Declamatory style in reading poetry

Урок 7: Свободное время

Урок 8: Связь и коммуникация

Коммуникативные задания

Using the Internet and Internet cafes

Reading and responding to personal ads

Культура и быт

E-mail addresses and URLs

На почте: Sending letters and packages

Социальные сети в России

Урок 9: Здоровье

Коммуникативные задания

Naming parts of the body

Indicating simple symptoms of illness

Reading announcements for medical services

Giving health advice

Культура и быт

Attitudes toward well-being

The doctor-patient relationship

Health care in Russia

Урок 10: В гостях

Коммуникативные задания

Talking about holidays

Meeting and greeting hosts and guests

Making toasts

Writing holiday greetings

Культура и быт

Russian Orthodox calendar

Russian hospitality

House slippers: тапочки

Guest etiquette