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Alphabet lesson 1

This lesson introduces letters А, М, К, Т, С, Р, О, Н, И, Г, П.

Alphabet lesson 2

This lesson introduces letters Б, Л, Д, Ф, В, Й, Э, Е, Ш, У, Ж.

Alphabet lesson 3

This lesson introduces letters Ё, З, Я, Ю, Ы, Х, Ч, Щ, Ц, Ь, Ъ.

Alphabet lesson 4: A Day in St. Petersburg

This interactive slideshow is a review of the whole alphabet. Learners are asked to imagine how they would use their new reading skills during a day in St. Petersburg.

Russian handwriting

This video introduces students to how to write Russian letters in Cyrillic. It is not introduced in alphabetical order, but gives learners the ability to skip around if desired. There is also a section on common mistakes in handwriting. Length: 20:30.

Russian handwriting in alphabetical order

This video introduces learners to handwriting in Russian. This video is done in alphabetical order. Length: 28:12.