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Adjectives after numbers

In this video, learners are introduced to adjectives after numbers with nominative and genitive cases. Length: 14:08.

Gender of people

In this video, learners encounter the topic of the gender of people, including the nominative personal pronouns, differences in gender words related to profession, and complications with atypical noun endings. Length: 2:48.

Nominative case: the dictionary form

In this video, learners are introduced to the concept of the nominative form as the dictionary form and difficulties related to different forms of words. They get tips for determining the dictionary form. Length: 2:34.

Nominative plural masculine and feminine

In this interactive video, learners are introduced to the formation of regular plurals in the nominative case with masculine and feminine nouns. Length: 3:11.

Nominative plural other patterns

This interactive video includes topics related to plural formation: fleeting vowels, shifting stress, -ья plurals, plurals of мать/дочь, plurals with stressed a, plurals of nouns ending in -ин. Length: 5:11.

Predicate nouns and adjectives

In this video, learners are introduced to the idea of predicates after the verb to be, both with nominative case and with instrumental case. Length: 3:17.