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Describing locations with instrumental prepositions

In this interactive video, learners are introduced to using instrumental prepositions to describe locations. Length: 3:39. Prepositions included: рядом с, перед, за, между, над, под.

Expressing with, next to, between

In this interactive video, learners are introduced to the prepositions с, между, рядом с with the instrumental case. Length: 4:29.

Genitive case with and without prepositions

Course presentation with a summary and practice of the uses of genitive case.

Genitive case with откуда

Course presentation that introduces откуда with prepositions + genitive case.

Going to and coming from

Course presentation that introduces how to talk about coming from a place using prepositions к, от, из + genitive case vs. going towards a place with accusative or к + dative.

Pronunciation of prepositions

In this video, learners are introduced to the fact that prepositions are pronounced as if they are part of the next word. Length: 1:54.

The accusative form and motion verbs

Course presentation that introduces accusative case for куда, motion verbs, including prepositions в, на.

Where something is located

In this video, learners are introduced to the question где находится? and prepositions used to answer the question like близко, далеко, недалеко, рядом, слева, справа, напротив. Length: 7:12.

Где? Куда? Откуда?

Course presentation that presents the differences between Где? Куда? Откуда with prepositions в, на, к, из, с, от with accusative, dative, and genitive cases.