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Hard vs. soft – pronunciation

This video talks about hard and soft with pronunciation. Length: 11:42.

Pronunciation of prepositions

In this video, learners are introduced to the fact that prepositions are pronounced as if they are part of the next word. Length: 1:54.

Recognizing cognates – interactive slideshow

This is lesson 2 in a lesson series that focuses on challenges in understanding and learning Russian vocabulary. This lesson focuses on: recognizing where cognates are likely to occur, recognizing letters and letter combinations used predominantly in foreign words, recognizing violations of spelling and pronunciation rules in foreign words, recognizing ways of transliterating English to Russian, recognizing Russian equivalents of English suffixes, recognizing the productive verb suffix -oвать with foreign roots, recognizing “false friends”.

Silentium! Pronunciation practice

This activity is called a “Speak the words set”. It takes the poem by Фёдор Тютчев called Silentium! and breaks it down line by line and gives automatic feedback on what it thinks that learners said. It can be used to practice pronunciation. Note that this only works in the Chrome browser.

Voiced and voiceless consonants – pronunciation – video

In this video, learners are introduced to voiced and voiceless consonants and pronunciation. Length: 11:23.