Vocabulary: Vocabulary


In this video, learners get acquainted with vocabulary related to literature and some of the names of famous authors and their most famous works. Vocabulary is in Russian but explanations are in English. Length: 8:53.

Project Tags: literature. Level: Novice. Activity Type: Culture and Vocabulary. Format: Lesson and Video. Vocabulary: Vocabulary.

Distinguishing meanings

In this interactive video, learners focus on the different words for “to study” (учиться, заниматься, изучать), the difference between как зовут and как называется, and to distinguish the words видеть, смотреть, слышать, слушать. There is some explanation of the idea that there are not direct equivalents between Russian and English. Length: 1:50.

Level: Novice. Activity Type: Vocabulary. Format: Interactive Video and Lesson. Vocabulary: Vocabulary.